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For Phylogeography of northern North America with insights from paleontological, geological, and molecular data

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Biogeography (1 Abstract)
bottleneck (1 Abstract)
chloroplast DNA (1 Abstract)
coalescent (1 Abstract)
comparative phylogeography (1 Abstract)
eastern hardwoods (1 Abstract)
fire ecology (1 Abstract)
Forest trees (1 Abstract)
Glacial Refuge (1 Abstract)
hybridization (1 Abstract)
landscape genetics (1 Abstract)
Niche modeling (1 Abstract)
North America (1 Abstract)
Packera (1 Abstract)
paleoecology (1 Abstract)
palynology (1 Abstract)
phylogeograhy (1 Abstract)
phylogeography (3 Abstracts)
plastid sequence data (1 Abstract)
Pleistocene glaciation (1 Abstract)
Principal Coordinates of Neighbour Matrices (PCNM) (1 Abstract)
Spatial modeling (1 Abstract)
western North America (1 Abstract)

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