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Powell, E. Ann [1].

An analysis of morphological variation and species limits in the Satyria clade (Vaccinieae, Ericaceae).

Satyria is a strongly supported clade of neotropical blueberries that are found from southern Mexico, south to Peru and east to French Guiana and northeastern Brazil. Species of Satyria have equal, connate stamen filaments, alternately unequal anthers, and the longer anthers have divergent, rigid, and often ornamented anther tubules. An examination of species descriptions and traditional species boundaries in Satyria indicates that traditional species delimitation was based on artificial gaps in a few morphological characters that appear to show continuous variation. The current study is examines morphological variation in a suite of morphological characters across the geographical and morphological range of variation in Satyria. The goal of the current study is to assess variation in morphological characters traditionally used to delimit species and to examine species limits in Satyria using clearly defined, non-overlapping, morphological characters with discrete boundaries. Results show that many characters originally used to diagnose species (i.e., corolla length, stamen length, anther length, pedicel length, and leaf size) do show continuous variation with no clear morphological gaps to separate many traditional species. This study presents a new classification of Satyria and identifies 8 morphologically distinct species each defined by a unique combination of discrete characters.

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1 - University of Evansville, Department of Biology, 1800 Lincoln Ave., Evansville, IN, 47722, U.S.A

species delimitation

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Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008
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