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Wahlert, G. A. [1], Ballard, H. E. [1].

New Species and Diversification in the Rinorea arborea complex (Violaceae) from Madagascar.

Until now, the Rinorea arborea complex consisted of a single species (R. arborea) and three infraspecific taxa from Madagascar, the Comoros Islands and southeastern Africa. In the course of revising the ca. 40 species of Rinorea from Madagascar, R. arborea was found to be morphologically polymorphic in Madagascar. Study of herbarium collections, field observations, and multivariate morphometric analyses revealed a consistent suite of morphological traitsócoordinate with discrete geographic distributions and habitat preferencesófor each of seven species formerly included under Rinorea arborea. Five segregates are newly described species, while two are infraspecific taxa now recognized at the species level. One species, R. capuronii, is newly described from herbarium material and is presumed extinct in the wild. Including the closely related species R. viridiflora and R. longipes, the Rinorea arborea complex is composed of nine species. Rinorea arborea s. str. is common in humid evergreen rainforest in Madagascar, the Comoros Islands, and mainland Africa, whereas the remaining species in the complex have diversified in the seasonally dry littoral and semi-deciduous forests of Madagascar. The taxonomic findings presented here further highlight the endemism of the Malagasy flora as well as the need for continuing revisionary studies of many Malagasy groups.

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1 - Ohio University, Department of Environmental & Plant Biology, Porter Hall, Richland Avenue, Athens, Ohio, 45701-2979, USA


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Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008
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