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Pteridological Section/AFS

Alvarez-Fuentes, Orlando [1], Prather, L. Alan [1].

Towards a stable classification of the Thelypteridaceae: Monophyly of Thelypteris subgenus Amauropelta.

THELYPTERIDACEAE is a cosmopolitan and large family of nearly 1,000 species of ferns with a complex taxonomic history. At present, there are still two views of generic circumscription within the family. Historically, most New World pteridologists recognize one to five genera while most Old World pteridologists recognize about 30. Based on the most recent comprehensive treatment, Thelypteris s.l. comprises nearly 280 species in six subgenera. Prior molecular work suggested that in this view Thelypteris is not monophyletic. However, from the Old World taxonomic viewpoint Thelypteris s.s. might be monophyletic. This study focused on the species of Thelypteris subgenus Amauropelta, a large group, mainly Neotropical, with ca. 200 species characterized by reduced lowermost pinnae in most species and simple veins that reach the margin of segments always above the sinus, among other characters. Preliminary analysis of available and newly generated sequences from cpDNA regions rps4, rps4-trnS and trnL-trnF show Thelypteris to be paraphyletic but support the monophyly of Thelypteris subgenus Amauropelta. These preliminary results suggest that our best approach towards a stable classification of the Thelypteridaceae would require recognition of Thelypteris in a strict sense and recognize Amauropelta at the generic rank, consistent with the Old World view. Phylogenetic analyses also show that some of the nine sections in Amauropelta are not monophyletic and a thorough revision of sectional classification is needed.

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1 - Michigan State University Herbarium, Department of Plant Biology, 166 Plant Biology Building, East Lansing, MI, 48824-1312, USA

Scientific Illustrations.

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Session: 8
Location: 209/SUB
Date: Monday, July 28th, 2008
Time: 10:30 AM
Number: 8008
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