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For From Gels to Genomics: The Evolving Landscape of Pteridology. A Celebration of Gerald Gastony's Contributions to Fern Evolutionary Biology

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apomixis (1 Abstract)
Ceratopteris richardii (1 Abstract)
evolution (1 Abstract)
Fern (1 Abstract)
ferns (2 Abstracts)
gapCp (1 Abstract)
Gastony (1 Abstract)
genetics (1 Abstract)
genomics (1 Abstract)
hybridization (1 Abstract)
Isozymes (1 Abstract)
linkage map (1 Abstract)
molecular systematics (1 Abstract)
monilophyte (1 Abstract)
paleopolyploidy (1 Abstract)
phylogeny (1 Abstract)
plastid genome (1 Abstract)
polyploid (1 Abstract)
polyploidy (3 Abstracts)
Pteridaceae (1 Abstract)
Reproductive biology (1 Abstract)
reproductive isolation (1 Abstract)

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